Computer Assisted Surgery is an open-access journal that aims to improve patient care by publishing research that advances the use of computers during surgical treatment. The CathCAD® software was utilized by researchers in designing a sensorized guiding catheter (Authors: Roberta Piazza, Sara Condino, Aldo Alberti, Raffaella Nice Berchiolli, Gioachino Coppi, Marco Gesi).


Insights for More Efficient Braided Catheter Development

Do more expensive braid patterns deliver performance gains that are worth the added cost in a typical interventional application? A collaborative study between CathCAD®, Machine Solutions and Meddux seeks to find out.

Insights for More Efficient Catheter Development, White Paper, Josh Goetz and Quinn Kesser, 2021.



The MCerberus® 4XX Series is the HVAC monitoring system that can be installed in fifteen minutes on home or business central (forced air) air conditioning and heating systems. The System is designed for the HVAC Contractor who may require the capability to monitor hundreds of installations as well as the home or business owner that requires the ability to self-monitor their own unit(s). Our back end SOFTWARE application analyzes the data obtained by the hardware unit and determines the current state of the HVAC system.

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MeasureDAQ® is our latest PCBA product that provides two 12-bit analog outputs, four 16-bit Analog Inputs, four digital I/O, four integrated relays, and an on-board 24VDC power supply all integrated into a 190×160 mm form factor. For more information please see our website at

MeasureDAQ® PCBA board w/ Mean Well IRM-30-24 power supply installed



Measure2D® is the Software utility program that provides a direct connection to your Keyence TM-3000 2D Optical Micrometer Measurement System. The Software provides all the functions that the User requires when using the Keyence measurement system in a Manufacturing and/or Quality lab environment.

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Measure2D™ Software interfacing with Keyence TM-3000 unit Measure2D® Software interfacing with Keyence TM-3000 unit


MeasureOD® PID

The MeasureOD® System is the Software solution for measuring the outside diameter of tubing and/or wire-related products. This Software tool was developed and optimized to take advantage of the Keyence LS-9501P Controller paired with a Keyence P/N LS-9XXX Measurement Head. This advanced version of the Software includes an advanced PI Feedback Controller software implementation. The product includes our RTA-550 hardware product that provides a dual 0-10V output signal to control your feeder/puller system.

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MeasureOD® PID Schematic