The ML CathCAD® software package allows the User to model MultiLumen (ML) Composite Tubing. The software computes Flexural (EI), Longitudinal (EA),  and Torsional (GJ) rigidities and includes the following additional capabilities:

  • A wide range of MultiLumen configurations may be modeled including (a) Double D, (b) Multiple Round Lumens (two, three, four, or five), (c) Circle Crescent w/ Round Lumen, (d) Steerable Catheters, and (e) Composite ML including braid reinforced. If the configuration is not available, the SOFTWARE allows the User to enter the required parameters directly into ML CathCAD®  as computed from an external design program such as Solidworks®  or AutoCAD® .
  • Catheter failure mode analysis including tensile strength, torque, kink radius, and external pressure rating.
  • Flexural rigidity and kink radius resultants are computed about both the x and y-axis to handle non-symmetric MultiLumen designs. The User may compute min/max value(s) using the Mohr’s Circle transformation (capability not provided by the Software).
  • All modeling results may be directly exported to Microsoft Excel
  • The ML CathCAD® software package runs under Windows 7/8/10 operating systems and also provides inherent support for the European “Comma for Decimal Point” Number formatting.

ML CathCAD® is included as part of the CathCAD® Software license at no additional charge subject to our standard software licensing terms and conditions.

2015.06.17 ML CathCAD(R) Screenshot