Deflection Model


CathCAD® Standard V3.2+ and CathCAD® Advanced V4.7+ provide a Deflection Model application. The Software provides support for multi-segmented designs is provided for one to five segments. The resulting design may be placed under a longitudinal force and/or moment about the longitudinal axis of the composite tube.

  • The Input(s)s to the module(s) are automatically determined from computed CathCAD(R) designs
  • The User may modify the Segment Lengths and applied force/moment dynamically
  • The Output from the Applied Force module include segment deflection, segment strain, and overall (total) deflection
  • The Output from the Applied Moment module include segment angular twist, segment shear strain, and overall (total) angular twist

An example for the Deflection modules is shown in the figure to the left. The User may make a screenshot of the output form as the Software does not provide a direct method of exporting and/or saving the results. A separate presentation is provided in the Download section of the website that provides complete details of this Software feature.