Fusedown Designer


CathCAD® Standard V3.1+ and CathCAD® Advanced V4.5+ provide a Fuse Down Designer application. This feature becomes available after the computation of a braided composite tube.

  • The inputs to the Fuse Down Designer are automatically determined from the design itself
  • The Fuse Down Designer makes a rough estimate of the Fusedown Tube Inner Diameter (ID) based on the Outside Diameter of the Design. This parameter may be modified by the User and the computed design is automatically updated.
  • A Volume Multiplier parameter is available to the User. This factor amplifies/multiplies the required matrix material required

The result from the Fuse Down Designer is shown in the figure to the left. The User may make a screen shot of the output form as the Software does not provide a direct method of exporting and/or saving the results.

Since the Fuse Down assembly method is process dependent – the Software does not provide any guarantees that the suggested design is the correct one. However, the method of computing the Fuse Down tube design is based on sound engineering fundamentals.